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The Google algorithm is constantly evolving, which can cause a few headaches when you’re a marketer trying to retain the highest possible page ranking at all times. However, there’s good news: It’s possible to “hack” the algorithm and retain a solid Google ranking. Let me show you how. What Do We Know About Google Algorithm’s Ranking Factors?

Do you want to learn Instagram marketing? Well, before I teach you and give you some Instagram marketing tips, let me first give you an overview on Instagram as it will help you. Since it’s creation, it has grown into the ultimate platform for sharing photos. Over 1.16 billion monthly users are active on the site. Daily users spend

There are nearly 8 billion people in the world—and 4.66 billion of them use the internet. Not every website can make money from international audiences, but if yours has the potential, then international SEO can significantly boost your reach.  After all, there are tens of millions of people out there looking for content just like yours, but if it’s

Content marketing isn’t an exact science. After all, the way people interact with content changes constantly.  However, a deep understanding of content marketing analytics can help you make more informed, even scientific, decisions about your strategy.  If you aren’t already using analytics, you’re behind your peers. Only three percent of bloggers never use analytics. A whopping 29 percent track every